Tagging an Object

To tag a single object, you can just edit the object and use the dropdown selector in the tag field.

You can create a new tag here if one doesn't exist.

Listing all Tagged Objects

You can see all of your tags by clicking on the Tag icon in the main menu.

To see all of the contacts with this tag, click on the contacts icon

Notice that this takes you to a list of contacts with the 'Tagged prospect' filter applied.

From here, you can do group operations like Email or Add to Campaign.

Bulk Operations

To apply tags or remove tags in bulk, select the target objects and click the Tag button

You can choose an existing tag or create a new one

To remove a tag, just select the Remove a tag option

Renaming a Tag

You can rename a tag by going to the tag page and clicking the Edit button.

Then just enter the new name and click Save.

Deleting a Tag

To delete a single tag, go to the tag page and then click Delete

If you want to delete multiple tags, just select them all from the list and click Delete

No need to worry - deleting a tag will not delete the related objects.

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