To create add the first step to a campaign, click Create a Step from the Summary panel:

You will see the Add Step screen

You can choose to name the step, but generally you can just leave it with the default value. Either way, this will never be shown to the email recipients.

Next, you need to choose the Send Mode. 

If you plan to customize a lot of the emails beyond simple variables, you should choose Manual. Otherwise, Automatic is usually fine.

The next field is the email subject line:

Note that you can populate it with variables by clicking the {...} icon:

Now fill in the body. Here too you can use variables to customize the email to the recipient.

Once you are done with the body, go ahead and click Create:

To see the newly created step, click on the Steps panel 

To create another step, click on Add Step icon

When adding additional steps, you have the option of starting a new thread, or replying to the last thread

Replying to the last thread can be handy if you want to write an email like this:

Once you have created multiple steps, you'll see they are separated with a Wait period. This allows you to space out the emails so your prospects can have some time to respond before receiving the next email.

You can adjust the time by clicking on the Wait button

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