If you collect leads on your website through a form built with a product like Gravity Forms, Typeform, Mailchimp, etc., it's easy to load directly into Propeller using Zapier.

For our example, we'll use a form created with Google Forms:

Let's fill it out the form and submit:

Now we can create a Zap that collects that data and stores it in Propeller. Go to Zapier and click Make a Zap

Search for Google Forms and select

Then let's select New Response in Spreadsheet and Save + Continue

You'll need to authorize Zapier to connect to your Google account, so click here:

Once that's done, you can select the connection and then Save + Continue:

Select the form responses

along with the worksheet and then Continue

If you take a look at the responses, you can see the one we just submitted:

After selecting that response, we can Continue:

Now we need to add the Propeller action. Click here:

Search for Propeller CRM and select:

Then select Create Contact and Continue:

Choose your Propeller Account (see Connecting a Propeller User Account to Zapier if you haven't created one)

Now map the form fields to Propeller by clicking on the Insert a Field button and selecting the appropriate attribute:

We'll do First Name and Last Name

As well as Email Address:

When we're done with the mappings, click Continue:

This will give us an opportunity to send a test:

Click here to send the test:

And we can see the new Propeller contact:

After verifying the test worked, just click Finish:

Then name the zap and turn it on:

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