If the sidebar is not appearing at all, see if you accidentally hid the sidebar for your current email account. To do that, click on the Propeller icon in your browsers extensions bar and look for the Hidden For section. You can unhide the sidebar for different email addresses here:

If your extension is stuck on the Loading screen like this:

Or if you repeatedly get Unexpected Problems, here are some things to check:

Ad-blocking Settings

Ad-blockers work by preventing some kinds of access to websites other than one you are currently on, so that makes it impossible for the extension to access your data on propellercrm.com. To see if this is an issue, try temporarily turning off ad blocking for 


Then refresh the page with Gmail, and see if the extension works.

Here's how to turn off ad blocking in Chrome: https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/7632919

Here's how to turn off ad blocking with the AdBlock extension:


Conflicts with other Extensions

We do our best to make sure Propeller plays nicely with other extensions, but there are situations where other extensions cause Propeller to malfunction. You can try disabling all extensions that might be causing a conflict. 

To disable an extensions, go to the Extensions screen by clicking here:

Then click on the toggle to disable each extension:

Extensions Known to Cause Conflicts:

None currently. If you find one, please let us know and we'll either fix or add to this list.

Site Access Settings

On the extensions page, click on Details for Propeller CRM:

Then make sure the Site access setting is 'On all sites':

We will update this article shortly with settings that let you limit the extension to specific sites. If you need these urgently, please use the chat window in the bottom right corner to request.

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