To update a slack channel when a new lead is created in Propeller.

First, click on the Make a Zap! button:

Then search for Propeller CRM:

Select the New Lead trigger and Save + Continue:

Select a Propeller account and click Save + Continue

Choose a Lead to use as a test and click Continue:

Click here to add a step:

Search for and select Slack:

Select Send Channel Message and then

Select a Slack Account (you'll need to connect one if you haven't already) and then click Save + Continue:

Choose the Slack channel and then create the message using values from the newly created lead:

Once you are done with the message, click Continue:

Verify that the message looks correct for the test:

Then Send Test To Slack:

And see that the message was created in Slack:

Give the Zap a name in the top left, then click Finish:

And finally turn on the Zap using the toggle button:

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