It's great to celebrate wins with your entire team! Here's an example of how you can broadcast them to everyone using Slack via Zapier. You can easily adapt this to other ways of messaging, such as Email.

To get started, click on Make a Zap:

Then search for Propeller CRM and choose

Select the Updated Opportunity Stage and click Save + Continue:

Choose the Propeller account and click Save + Continue:

Choose a recently closed opportunity to use as a test (make sure to create one if you don't have one already):

Add the first action step by clicking here:

Then search for Slack and choose:

Choose Send Channel Message and then Save + Continue:

Select the Slack account you want to use:

Then choose a Slack channel:

To create a basic message, you can use data from the Opportunity. Here's how to incorporate the Display Name:

If you want to show information about the related account, you can search for account here:

But you'll see there's only a cryptic string called a resource URI. In order to get the full information about the account, such as the name, we need to use this resource URI in another step. To do this, click on the + button here:

Then pick Action/Search:

Now select Propeller CRM:

Then choose Find an Account and click Save + Continue:

Select the Propeller CRM user:

For the search attribute, type Resource URI to quickly find:

For the search query, type account to quickly find: 

Then click Continue

To test, click Fetch & Continue:

You should see a Test Successful message. Then click Continue:

Now you can return to the Slack action to Edit Template:

When you edit the message template, you can now see values from the Find an Account step. Go ahead and select Account Name:

To display information about the owner, you need to do another Find step. Click on the + button here:

Then Action/Search

Choose the Propeller CRM app

Click show less common options:

Then select Find a User and Save + Continue:

Choose the Propeller CRM user account and then Save + Continue:

Set the search by attribute to Resource URI

And then set the Search query to the Opportunity Owner:

Then click Continue:

To test, click Fetch & Continue:

You should get a Test Successful message. Then click Continue:

Go back to the Slack step and Edit Template:

When you edit the message, you can now display information about the owner of the opportunity. Go ahead and choose Display Name:

Then to round the message out, let's include the Amount: 

Once the message is complete, you can click Continue:

Now Send Test to Slack:

Check Slack to see the message:

We have one last important thing to do. Since we are using the Opportunity Stage Updated trigger, this message will be displayed every time an opportunity changes stages. We want to limit this to just Wins, so we need to add a filter. Start by clicking on the + here:

Then click Filter:

And Save + Continue:

Now select Stage for the first parameter:

Then select Exactly matches for the second parameter:

And type in Closed - Won for the last parameter

Click Test & Continue:

You will see a message about whether the Zap would have continued given the stage of the opportunity that triggered it. Click Continue:

Finally, give the Zap a name and turn it on here:

And you are done!

Try creating a new opportunity and then marking it closed. Note: if you followed this exactly, you'll need to add an account to the opportunity for it to work properly. If you want to see how it's working, click on View Task History:

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