If you have standard tasks that you want to kick off once an Opportunity stage is reached, you can use Zapier to create them automatically.

For this example, let's suppose that whenever you move an Opportunity to the Proposal stage, you want to generate a task to send the proposal:

To get started, click on Make a Zap:

Search for Propeller CRM and select:

Then select Updated Opportunity Stage and click Save + Continue:

Select the Propeller Account and click Save + Continue:

Select one of the Opportunities that have change stage recently and click Continue:

Now we need to limit when this runs so that it only fires when Opportunities change to the Proposal stage. To do that, first click on Add a Step:

Then click Filter:

And Save + Continue:

Now we can set up the filter. Search for and select Stage for the first parameter:

For the second parameter, search for and select Exactly Matches:

And for the third parameter, type the name of the stage, which in our example is Proposal:

Then click Test & Continue:

Depending on the example you used, you should get an indication from Zapier whether that Opportunity stage change would have passed this filter or not. 

If it looks like it worked as expected, you can move on by clicking Continue:

Now you need to add an action that creates the task. To do that, click on Add a Step:

And click Action/Search:

Choose Propeller CRM from the list (if it doesn't appear, you can search for it):

Search for and choose Create Task, then click Save + Continue

Choose the Propeller CRM account and click Save + Continue:

Now configure the task template by first adding a task title:

Then, to associate it with the Opportunity that triggered the zap, search for and select Resource URI:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Continue:

Now we can test the task creation. You'll see the sample task that will be created:

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Send Test to Propeller CRM:

You can check to see if it was created by going to the Activities list and see the new task at the bottom:

Go back to Zapier and click Finish:

The you just have to give your new Zap a name and click the toggle to turn it on:

You should see this screen if everything worked:

We can see if works by moving an Opportunity into Proposal:

And if we go back to Activities, we can see the Task is created:

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