If you have lead attributes that you want to carry over to contact, account, or opportunity attributes after conversion, you can set up lead mapping rules.

For an example, let's say we have a Competitor attribute on a lead that we want to carry over to an attribute on the opportunity after conversion. 

First, let's make sure we have the corresponding attribute on opportunities. To verify, go to your opportunities and then click the Gear menu and  then Configure Attributes.

Here you can see that we have the Competitor attribute already created on opportunities.

Now go to your leads and click on the Gear menu and then Configure Attributes

And then find the Competitor attribute, hover over the Pencil menu, and then click Edit

You'll see the Converts To settings here

Choose the object type and attribute you want to map to

When you're done, click Modify and then close the dialog.

To show you how this works in action, let's take this lead with the Competitor attribute set set to 'Acme' and click Convert

After filling out the opportunity data, click the Convert button

And on the newly created opportunity, we have the Competitor attribute set to 'Acme'.

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