Need to find out who you haven't talked to for over 3 months? Want to make sure each opportunity has a next task assigned? You can use activity attributes to do these things and more.

The following attributes are available on Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, and Leads (if Leads are enabled)

  • Next Task
  • Next Task Due Date
  • Last Task
  • Last Task Due Date
  • Last Note
  • Late Note Date
  • Last Activity
  • Last Activity Date

In addition, Accounts, Contacts, and Leads have some additional Email-specific attributes:

  • Last Email From
  • Last Email Date

You can sort and filter by each of these. For example, to see who you haven't interacted with in a long time, you can add the Last Activity Date column and sort
(here's how to add columns)

And if you want to limit the list to the ones you had your last interaction to several months ago, just add a filter.

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